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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a tradition celebrated mostly in the US and Canada, yearly on Feb. 2nd, in which if a groundhog sees its shadow, winter will persist, and if the groundhog doesn’t, then [...]

PCT deadlines

After you’ve filed a PCT patent application, what are the next PCT deadlines?  Your next steps are to decide on which countries you want to pursue patent protection in, and on what makes [...]

Patent scams

After filing a patent application, you will often receive patent scams: letters demanding payment.  The same thing happens after you file a trademark registration application.  These letters look [...]

Trademark classes

When planning to register a trademark, you must choose which trademark classes to use for your goods and/or services. If you have questions about what trademark classes you should be considering, [...]

Answers on Avvo

Matthew is an active community member on Avvo, a legal services marketplace where the public can ask questions of lawyers and get general advice.  You can read his answers to questions below, and at