Your intellectual property and confidential information is crucial to your business.  Privacy and data security is crucial to mine:

  • I use strong, industry-standard encryption on all electronic client files and client information, on my computers and on local and remote backups.
  • I offer clients the opportunity to make phone calls over a secure connection.
  • I keep any paper copies of client information securely locked.  After paper copies are no longer needed, I securely shred and dispose of them.
  • I offer clients the opportunity to pay USPTO fees with their own credit cards (after all, wouldn’t you like those award points?) – and I can store your credit card information in an encrypted database, or delete any record of it after using it.  Your choice.
  • I never disclose the identity of any client or client matter without your permission.  Though if you like, I’m happy to list you as a client, and talk about your great product or service to friends and on social media!


Please contact me with any questions about how I handle client information or about communications.